What is the Significance of Christ’s Death on the Cross? – Abdu Murray

Posted by Abdu Murray on March 29, 2018
Topic: Resurrection

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ABDU MURRAY | RZIM North American Director

Christ’s death on the cross is of ultimate significance for the Christian faith. In fact it is the crux of the Christian faith, which is all in itself poetic. The word crux is a latin word which means ‘the place where all things converge’. The root of the word crucifixion is crux. Why is that the crux of the Christian faith? What the faith and experience teaches us is that all of us, through our sinful acts, have incurred a debt. We have incurred a debt to God but because we are imperfect, we can’t pay that debt. Jesus being perfect can pay the debt on our behalf, having no debts of his own to pay. Jesus goes to that cross and claims “I give my life as a ransom for many”.

Now if Jesus died and stayed dead on that cross, we would have no reason to believe him. He would be just another wishful thinking man. But if he rose from the dead three days later, as he said he would, then we have every reason to believe him. People often ask me, why do you trust Jesus and not some other religious figure? My answer is this: he died on the cross and rose from the dead to prove that he was the lamb of God. Someone who rises from the dead has ultimate credibility – not just to tell me about who he is, but also who I am and what I need. And what I need is someone to pay the debt for me.

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