What is the Meaning of Easter? – Logan Gates

Posted by Logan Gates on March 28, 2018
Topic: Resurrection

LOGAN GATES | RZIM Canada Itinerant Speaker


The first part of the meaning of Easter has to do with Jesus’ identity. People who are raised from the dead have credibility. Jesus lives this outstanding life yet makes claims that he is one with the Father God. This claim demands some sort of substantiation and that is what the resurrection is. If the resurrection really happened, this means we can have clarity about what God is like, and that he did come into the world in the person of Jesus.


Beyond clarity about who God is, the resurrection gives us clarity about our relationship to God. Paul, in the book of Romans, talks about how Jesus on the cross bears our trespasses but then writes that he was also raised for our justification. To be justified means to be standing in righteousness before God, the ultimate Judge. It’s not just Jesus’ death that sets the Christian right with God, it’s the death with the resurrection of Jesus. That is God’s stamp of approval on the death of Christ that says that payment for our sins has been accepted.

Easter brings confidence to the Christian that we can know our standing with God because Jesus was raised and now stands before God the Father, interceding on our behalf.


Easter has something to say about hope as well. Often when people use the word hope today, it’s more like wishful thinking – “I hope it doesn’t rain” or “I hope I do well on this exam“. In the Christian understanding, hope is actually more the opposite. It’s not just a positive attitude about something uncertain about the future. Hope in the Christian understanding is a certainty we can have based on a real event that happened in the past.

Jesus has spoken of us as being the first fruit, the start of a harvest that is to come. The resurrection is a reminder that all of the pain I experience in this life, that I see in the world around me, as awful and deep and dark that it can be, doesn’t get the last word. There is hope. One day God will come to set all things right. That is not just a fanciful idea. The resurrection, if it really happened, means there is a hope you can really have.