Successful Start to University Missions 2018

Posted by RZIM Canada on January 18, 2018
Topic: University Missions

As you may know, the RZIM team is busy hosting over 40 events at university campuses across Canada including the University of Toronto, McGill University, Queen’s University and York University with more speaking events at the University of Alberta next week.

At the University of Toronto, a team of student volunteers are taking to the cold Canadian streets of the university campus with whiteboards to start conversations with other students and inviting them to these events (and offering a donut for a question about God is a great way to start a conversation).

These talks, panel discussions and Q&As focus on topics such as suffering, science and faith, identity and much more. Each event is carefully designed to engage and inspire dialogue around issues of our day in order to break barriers to faith in Christ. The doors are open and all are welcome to attend these events.

Here are just a few of the events that have taken place so far:

At McGill University, Alycia Wood has been leading the charge for the third year in a row. With a team of passionate students alongside her, we have seen a great turn out to the dialogues and talks. Last night, Abdu Murray took part in a dialogue with a Muslim and a Jew on the topic “God in Difficult Times”. After each speaker answering questions on belief, morality, and hardships, the microphone was open to all students for Q&A.

The room was still full an hour and a half after the conclusion of the dialogue. Students gathered around each speaker to continue asking their questions, listening and seeking to understand.

“We had a great turn out tonight… I had the privilege of answering questions not only from Muslims, Christians and Jews but also from agnostics and atheists who were in the audience tonight. We had wonderful interaction and it was very respectful… that is key for these dialogues.” – Abdu Murray


We are seeing hundreds of students attend these events including students from different faith backgrounds who are utilizing Q&As, and time following the dialogues, to connect with the speakers and ask their questions about truth.

At some of our most impactful events at McGill and University of Toronto, have seen students continue conversations with the speakers hours after the event has concluded. God is doing something incredible through these events, and we want to thank you for your prayerful and financial support. Stay connected to RZIM Canada through social media for a behind the scenes look at this week’s events.

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