Thank You from Ravi and the RZIM Canada Team

Posted by RZIM Canada on December 14, 2017
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We are coming to the end of 2017. It has truly been a historic year for us. We have covered the globe on so many tracks. The ministry is at its strongest and is in the most strategically placed settings. Through doors the Lord opened I had the extraordinary privilege to minister in Iraq this year for the first time, and our team in the Middle East is having opportunities to preach the gospel beyond what we could have dreamed. I will be in Egypt in January, and they have booked a 20,000 seat stadium. Who would have ever thought of such possibilities in an Islamic country?

It is a thrill beyond description to have the Zacharias Institute up and running and to have it in the hands of two of the finest young leaders in our time: Vince and Jo Vitale. Michael Ramsden, our International Director, and Sarah Davis our Global Director, provide strategic and coordinated leadership for the worldwide team.

This last week has been a bit sentimental, speaking in Chennai, the city of my birth. It was a live audience of about 10,000 and a larger television audience of Tamil-speaking Indians scattered around the world. Tamil was the language of my mother. If she were alive, she would have sat with a sense of awe to see what was happening. It was absolutely remarkable. India’s largest export is brain-power. It’s a land of engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and yes, even fashion designers and film makers. What would happen if the young of this land turned to Jesus? If the young in China and India alone turned to Christ, they would change the world by sheer volume of numbers. We have a window of opportunity to touch the instruments most likely to be heard.

But let me assure you that we are equally focused in North America and Europe. The team is growing rapidly in these places, as it is also in Africa. RZIM is now on six of the seven continents. And we are looking to continue to maximize the technological reach as well. We hear from people literally from all over the world.

Years ago, RZIM gave two bicycles to two little girls. One of them has just reconnected and asked if she could attend one of our meetings. She had not forgotten who had cared about her in her need. I was so touched by that young woman, once a little girl and now a bank employee, wanting to hear the Word because of the love shown to her nearly twenty years ago. Everything we do is with one goal: to preach and live for Christ. Despite the recent headwinds, my calling and the calling of this ministry—to reach those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility of the gospel—is stronger than ever.

Friends, we need you more than ever. We have had our strongest year of impact. May we end this year with the strongest year of giving. We need you to ask the Lord what you can do. The loss of Nabeel was a big one. There are other Nabeels out there to be identified and trained. Help us get there.


Please ask the Lord what He will have you do and walk the extra mile with us. Your prayers and gifts are valued, respected, and stewarded by the whole team.

With our love,