Short Answers to Big Questions

Posted by on February 15, 2016
Topic: Questions and Answers

Short Answers to Big Questions is an exciting new video resource from RZIM Canada. Two of our team, Andy Bannister and Nathan Betts, have taken dozens of the most common questions and objections concerning Christianity and filmed short videos addressing each of them. Whilst we realise that a three minute video can only begin to scratch the surface of many of these questions, we hope to offer you food for thought and a chance for you to begin thinking through these issues.

We’ll be releasing roughly one video a week (via Vimeo and YouTube). Come back to this page from time to time to see what’s new, subscribe via Vimeo or YouTube, or follow us on Twitter on Facebook. As each video is released, we’ll announce it across all our social media channels.

We do hope that you enjoy Short Answers to Big Questions. And if you have a “big question” that you’d like us to explore, please send us an email — if possible, we’ll include your question in a future episode.

List of Episodes

As we release new episodes, we will list each question/objection we address below, along with a link to the video.

1 Isn’t religion just a psychological crutch? Vimeo YouTube
2 Islam and Christianity: Is it the same God? Vimeo YouTube
3 Isn’t faith just for the stupid and gullible? Vimeo YouTube
4 What does it really mean to be human? Vimeo YouTube
5 Why is the Bible against sexual freedom? Vimeo YouTube
6 Is it arrogant to claim you have ‘the truth’? Vimeo YouTube
7 Why choose Jesus and not Buddha or Muhammad? Vimeo YouTube
8 Prove to me that God exists! Vimeo YouTube
9 How can you believe in God without evidence? Vimeo YouTube
10 Is atheism a religion? Vimeo YouTube
11 Do all good people go to heaven? Vimeo YouTube
12 Why did Jesus have to die? Vimeo YouTube
13 What about those who haven’t heard about Jesus? Vimeo YouTube
14 Hasn’t science buried God? Vimeo YouTube
15 How can you really know what is true? Vimeo YouTube
16 If God, why is there evil? Vimeo YouTube
17 Who made God? Vimeo YouTube
18 Why believe the Bible rather than the Qur’an? Vimeo YouTube
19 Why would a loving God send people to hell? Vimeo YouTube
20 Isn’t belief in the Trinity irrational? Vimeo YouTube
21 Why is there so much violence in the Bible? Vimeo YouTube
22 Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Vimeo YouTube
23 Does the Trinity even make sense? Vimeo YouTube
24 Aren’t all religions basically the same? Vimeo YouTube
25 Why do bad things happen to good people? Vimeo YouTube
26 Does religion poison everything? Vimeo YouTube
27 Why are Christians so judgemental? Vimeo YouTube
28 Can we be good without God? Vimeo YouTube
29 Hasn’t Christianity done more harm then good? Vimeo YouTube
30 Is life really meaningless without God? Vimeo YouTube
31 What if I have doubts about God? Vimeo YouTube
32 If God appeared to me, I’d believe in him! Vimeo YouTube
33 Is the Bible even true? Vimeo YouTube
34 Did Jesus even exist? Vimeo YouTube
35 Aren’t the gospels merely legends? Vimeo YouTube
36 Do atheists just believe in “one God less”? Vimeo YouTube
37 How do I deal with disappointment? Vimeo YouTube
38 Isn’t ‘faith’ just for weak-minded fools? Vimeo YouTube
39 Why did Jesus have to die? Vimeo YouTube
40 If science answers everything, who needs God? Vimeo YouTube
41 Aren’t all religions the same? Vimeo YouTube
42 True for you, not true for me? Vimeo YouTube
43 What if I don’t care about God? Vimeo YouTube
44 What’s wrong with pornography? Vimeo YouTube
45 Is technology good or bad? Vimeo YouTube
46 Why are there so many rules in Christianity? Vimeo YouTube
47 Do all religions lead to God? Vimeo YouTube
48 Has science disproven God? Vimeo YouTube
49 Isn’t faith in God just like belief in Santa? Vimeo YouTube