RZIM Speakers Tackle Student’s ‘Big Deal Questions’ at Sold Out Youth Event

Posted by RZIM Canada on May 18, 2017
Topic: Big Deal Questions

This past Saturday RZIM Canada, along with several members of the RZIM global speaking team, were at City Centre Baptist Church in Mississauga, Ontario for our sold out youth event Big Deal Questions. The purpose of this event is to allow youth 12-18 ask the questions they, or their friends, may be struggling with related to faith and culture. RZIM’s Logan Gates, Michelle Tepper, and Nathan Betts along with other speakers from the local area addressed questions regarding pornography, self-harm, science and faith, Christianity vs other religions, and much more. With text-in options, Q&A sessions, and break-out “chat rooms”, around 400 youth had the opportunity to discover meaningful answers to their Big Deal Questions. Here is just a glimpse of what the day had in store:




“After Nathan’s final talk to close the day, two students came forward together for prayer. One of them was a Christian, but I quickly realized she had come forward more as a support for her friend so that she wouldn’t have to come up front on her own. Her friend explained that she has been wrestling with deep anxiety and an eating disorder, and she asked if I could pray for her. Since Nathan’s talk was fresh on our minds, I asked her what she had thought about it, and where she stood with God. She looked at me with real hopefulness in her eyes, but said she didn’t know. I asked her if she had ever prayed before to ask God into her heart, and she said she hadn’t, but she would like to. I had the privilege of leading her in a prayer of repentance and commitment, seeing the smile and genuine joy on her face, and offering her encouragement for the battles she was facing, that these would be battles she would never be facing alone. As her friend celebrated with her and brought her to connect with her youth leader, I thought about the faithful friends of the paralytic in Mark 2 who went to such lengths as lowering him through the roof. What an image of true friendship and love — bringing a friend to the healing of Jesus.” – Logan Gates

“During the prayer time at the end, one student came to me and said that he wanted prayer for a problem with lust and pornography… I was really encouraged simply because this told me that he felt BDQ was a safe and also meaningful place to ask for help and ask for prayer. I encouraged him for his courage and honesty.” – Nathan Betts

“I also had the chance to pray for two young men who came forward separately for prayer for fighting sin. During the day a number of heavy but crucial topics were addressed, including sexual sin and pornography, and I had a sense this impacted many young men in particular. It was powerful to see the resolve these two students had to surrender their whole lives to God, such that they came forward for prayer. In talking and praying for them, it was a privilege to encourage them about God’s relentless love for them, His commitment to “finish the good work” He has begun in them, and the possibility of real change. As I was saying goodbye to one of them I happened to see what he had written down on his notebook from our conversation: “It is possible.” Amen!” – Logan Gates


Join us in Winnipeg for RZIM Canada’s next big youth event, Big Deal Questions. Ages 12-18 will discover meaningful answers to their questions regarding the Christian faith and their everyday lives. To register and for more information, visit BigDealQuestions.com