Evidence for the Validity of the Resurrection – Vince Vitale

Posted by RZIM Canada on March 29, 2018
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VINCE VITALE | Director of the Zacharias Institute

The evidence for the validity of the resurrection was really significant in Vince Vitale’s own story. Vince thought the idea of the resurrection was crazy until he was challenged to look into it and couldn’t believe what he found.

When you open the bible to 1 Corinthians 15, the first eight verses are incredible. It’s an early creed that scholars believe pre-date the letter itself. It gives a list of all the people Jesus appeared to physically after he had been killed. This list includes not just friends, but enemies as well, all in different regions over a 7 week span. It says at one point he appeared to over 500 at once, most of whom were still living.

Scholars, not just Christian scholars, have come to the conclusion that this creed dates back to almost immediately after the crucifixion of Jesus, and many say within months. We know it takes 2-3 generations for any significant legendary development or exaggeration to work its way into a historical story. A hundred years ago, a lot of people would have said that the resurrection is just legendary development. That has even completely undermined because of this creed in 1 Corinthians 15, because of which we can know that almost immediately after Jesus’ crucifixion all of these people were utterly convinced they spent time with this man who clearly had been crucified. They were so convinced of it they were willing to die for it.

What explains that gap? What explains the gap between what should have been – the movement ending death of Jesus – and then the absolute eruption of Christianity? The resurrection of Jesus explains that historical gap. If that is not your answer, that is okay, but criticism without alternative is empty. So what is the alternative? I think if you take the resurrection out of that gap, you are left with a gaping hole and that despite 2,000 years of historical scholarship and speculation, you would have absolutely no explanation for the greatest movement of all time.

Yes, miracles are to be approached with caution. But when the evidence is this significant, I think we need to ask the question is it really our minds that keep us from accepting the resurrection of Jesus, or could it be more a question of the heart?”