Credible Answers for a Questioning Culture

Posted by Abdu Murray on April 13, 2017
Topic: Big Deal Questions

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“Helping the Thinker Believe. Helping the Believer Think.” 
This is the mandate for the work of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM).

It’s become fashionable in Western culture to look at religion in general, and Christianity in particular, as areas of life where we rely on feelings or mere blind faith. Many are put off by the Christian faith, believing that it requires us to check our brains at the door of the church. But Christianity encourages us to do exactly the opposite as we wrestle with the big questions of life. The Apostle Paul encourages Christians to be transformed by the renewal of our minds (Romans 12:2). At RZIM, we believe not only that Christianity encourages us to ask the hard questions, but also that the Christian faith provides credible and unique answers to these very questions.

Ravi Zacharias founded RZIM more than 30 years ago with the goal of providing answers that not only address the questions of the mind, but also the longings of the heart. Since our founding, Ravi and the team of internationally-renowned speakers have engaged with both Christians and skeptics on the pressing issues of our time all across the globe at open forums, debates, dialogues, and in the media.

This summer, RZIM is coming to Winnipeg to tackle the hot-button issue of human rights. Where do they come from? Are our rights simply given to us by government? If so, can the government take them away? Or do our rights find their foundation in a transcendent being like God? Should our rights have limits? What does the Christian faith have to say about what it means to be a human with inalienable rights? From July 12-15, RZIM’s North American Director, Abdu Murray, as well as Dr. Andy Bannister, Alycia Wood, and Logan Gates will be addressing these questions and more. We’ll also be joined by award-winning secular humanist philosopher, Dr. Christopher DiCarlo for a lively and cordial dialogue on Human Rights: by Design or Default? Bring your questions for our popular Q&A sessions where you’ll be able to interact with the speakers. People of any faith –or no faith at all – are invited to attend these timely and important events.

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