Clarity in a Culture of Confusion

Posted by on April 12, 2018
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Written by Rick Manafo,
RZIM Canada Programming Director

It has been said that ours is a post-truth world in which fake news dominates and certainty is elusive. For some who thrive on the fluidity of information and experience, this is good news. For others, the very foundations of trust have been undermined. Confusion results and even our most basic choices are impacted by conflicting information. Who can we believe? And is there any solid ground on which to build a foundation of trust?

Is it possible to gain clarity amidst all the voices and opinions? And is there a path to clarity in the midst of confusion? If so, how does having clarity break-through apathy to compel action and concern for what is true? Is there a way to break through without breaking people? Or, are we still fighting a culture war in a world that is no longer interested?

Much of our success in engaging our culture with the gospel will rely on how well we are engaged with the gospel ourselves and how engaging we are with our culture. Sounds simple enough, yet for many conversations around faith and clarity are difficult. How does one build a bridge to someone from a completely different worldview or culture, or to someone who doesn’t seem to care, or who relishes ambiguity? If you are wanting to become equipped to engage friends, neighbours and colleagues with the gospel, you are invited to the RZIM Summit at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto, July 18-21, 2018. We will be in conversation around the theme Clarity in a Culture of Confusion.

Join RZIM’s Abdu Murray, Logan Gates along with Dr. Andy Bannister, Dr. Anna Robbins and other gifted speakers as they clear the way through the cultural cloudiness and confusion.

The Summit will be an intentional time of learning and interaction, worship and reflection. In addition, we will celebrate the launch of Abdu Murray’s latest book, Saving Truth, and enjoy special musical performances by Jacob Moon and Liala Biali.

Come to the RZIM Summit and make new friendships with others who are convinced that clarity can be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ and that this message can be shared in ways that promote relationships with others. The RZIM Summit offers an opportunity to grow your confidence to proclaim the gospel with clarity and care.

We hope you’ll join us in the conversation – Register today.