RZIM Canada has Big News!

Posted by RZIM Canada on June 29, 2017
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It’s been said that Christians may be the only Bible the world will read. If this is the case – and it certainly appears to be this way in Canada – then we must be in close enough proximity for the world to read our lives and experience the message of the gospel through us.

For some time, our team and board of directors have been praying that God would provide a new office space – a place where RZIM can more directly engage cultural influencers and skeptics, train passionate Christians to winsomely communicate the gospel and also meet the needs of our expanding team.

He has answered that prayer. We’re embracing it!

Several months ago, we were made aware of a unique opportunity to lease office space in the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) building at 250 Front Street West, Toronto. This space enables the RZIM team to be located directly within the entertainment district, in close proximity to places of government, universities and the financial district. We recognize God’s hand in providing this new location – one that is well aligned with our purpose as a ministry – to help the thinker believe and help the believer think.

We were made aware of the location by Lorna Dueck and the Context team, who had been in the building for the past six years, but needed to relocate due to the integration with Crossroads Christian Communications. Lorna and her team laid an exceptional foundation within the local CBC and downtown community. While ministry teams from RZIM and Context were praying for an open door, God had been at work behind the scenes preparing circumstance and establishing His plans for both.

Our vision for the space includes welcoming the local community to events during key dates on the Christian calendar, lunch bar talks on a variety of topics, an on-site art gallery to inspire evangelistic conversations, as well as hosting numerous training events for ministry leaders and engaged Christians.

RZIM remains focused on expanding our reach and impact throughout Canada, and the world. The new facility will provide us with the capability to participate in global training events such as the Understanding and Answering Islam conference, as well as Leadership and Apologetics conferences which will be livestreamed from the Zacharias Institute in Alpharetta, Georgia. The new space will also act as a springboard for new urban ministry opportunities and extending missional engagements across the country.

We will be in our new Front Street location by August 1. A number of logistics details need to be worked through between now and then. Please pray that the details come together, and that God opens the door for us to converse with contractors, building managers and everyone else whom he puts in our path along the journey.

If you are in the area later this summer, please do stop by for a visit. We invite you to see and experience our location – to meet the team, and hear more about what God is doing through RZIM in Canada.

With these new opportunities, there is an increased need for your support. God has always provided for the needs of this ministry. We take this bold step of faith knowing that He will continue to do so. It’s our prayer that you will be encouraged by this new chapter and be inspired to participate with us in prayer and in your financial support, as we embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. We need your help, like never before. Please consider partnering with us now.

We also invite you to reach out to us via email at [email protected] or to call the office at 1-800-803-3829 to learn more about our vision for the new location.