No Question is Off Limits: The Importance of RZIM’s Youth Event Big Deal Questions

Posted by Nathan Betts on March 17, 2017
Topic: Big Deal Questions

Jesus Christ never discouraged questions. I like that. One of the beautiful and compelling characteristics of Christianity is that we do not need to bury or hide our questions. In fact, they are are encouraged. David, the Psalmist, is known very well for asking, ‘Why, O Lord?’ If you probe the context into which David asks such questions, you soon realize that he is seeking answers often from both an intellectual and emotional level. This is not limited to the Old Testament.  When we look to the New Testament we find Christ’s closest followers constantly asking him questions, and the apostle Paul is also noted for his passionate pursuit of truth. Christianity has a long and rich history of its followers searching for answers to their tough questions.

As I have thought about RZIM’s Big Deal Questions event I am encouraged to know that we are merely facilitating a space that reflects what Christianity has been practicing for centuries. I am also extremely excited that this is an event specifically for high school students. We will be addressing questions that youth are asking today both in large groups and in smaller conversational settings. In these smaller spaces, students can ask questions of the speakers, but will also have the opportunity to answer questions themselves.  We have been keen to create a day for youth to not only discover meaningful answers to the tough questions they have, but also provide an environment in which they can have thoughtful conversations and dialogue.



Big Deal Questions is a day for Christian students who are looking to think through answers to their big questions and it is also a safe place to bring friends who are not yet believers. No question is off limits and we will offer an invitation for students to encounter the Christian God.

GTA’s Big Deal Questions event this year will take place on May 13 at City Centre Baptist Church in Mississauga. We will also be hosting a BDQ event in Winnipeg this July at the Canadian Mennonite University. If you are between the age of 12-18, we hope to see you there! I am confident that this will be a highlight for 2017!

Nathan Betts