7 Facts About RZIM Apologist, Logan Gates

Posted by RZIM Canada on April 3, 2017
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We sat down with our newest member of RZIM’s speaking team and asked him 7 questions about life, faith and apologetics.

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC — a city that almost rivals Toronto when it comes to traffic!

2. Where did you go to school and what did you study?

I did my undergraduate at the University of Virginia, where I studied Political and Social Thought and Latin American Studies, with a minor in Religious Studies. It was a great primer for apologetics, especially my political theory classes, where I was often the only Christian in the room for critical conversations on human rights and what “the good society” looks like. I then had the opportunity to do a Master’s of Theology at the University of Oxford, in conjunction with RZIM’s Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, which introduced me to RZIM.

Logan speaking at RZIM’s Summer School

3. What event has most impacted your Christian faith?

A mission trip to Nicaragua at the start of university played a key role moving my faith from something I grew up with, to something personal and real. The trip came at a time when the Lord had recently stripped away some idols in my life — a running career and academics — but in Nicaragua I found a community of Christians who had a baffling joy in spite of circumstances, a joy that came from a relationship with a God who wasn’t just an idea but a real person. They had their worth and identity anchored in something lasting — in knowing God personally, through faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross. I had called myself a Christian my whole life, but looking at the joy and peaceI saw in these Christians’ lives I saw something I knew I didn’t have — and I wanted it! I had been convinced the Christian faith was true, but here I saw that it was also “real.” I rededicated my life to Christ from a hotel balcony in Bluefields, Nicaragua, and have been walking with the Lord since.


4. Why are you passionate about apologetics?

I’m passionate about apologetics because I’ve seen time after time how the Lord can use it to bring people to faith, and because it unpacks the glory of our God with a freshness and relevance that builds up and challenges the seeker and believer alike. Apologetics played a crucial role in my own journey when I was sorting out my beliefs as a high school student, and has continued to deepen my wonder and love for God by opening my eyes to the the beauty and truth of the Christian message and the God who is behind it.

Logan speaking at this year’s University Missions at U of T

5. What book of the Bible that has impacted you the most?

I continue to find the simple Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life to be the most enthralling and impactful on my life and understanding of God. The more I look at Jesus, the more I’m confronted with a man amazingly more “human” than any other, who seems to know me better than I know myself, but also a human with a captivating dynamic of majesty with humility that sets him apart from any other person in all of history, literature, or religion. I see in Jesus what Francis Schaeffer calls a “God who is there,” and who calls me to someone higher than myself.


6. Why have you chosen to work for RZIM?

Ravi Zacharias and his team have a powerful legacy of humility, integrity, and wholehearted commitment to Christ. It’s an honour to serve in ministry under his leadership. I’m humbled to work for a ministry with such passion to be a compelling witness to Christ in our times, with a heart both for the questioner and the equipping of the Church.

Logan Gates being interviewed by 100 Huntley Street’s Lorna Dueck on the importance of helping youth navigate the tough questions of their faith . Click photo to watch full interview.

7. What topic you are most passionate about? 

At the moment, I am most passionate about questions relating to what God is like, what he has done in the world, and how that connects and confronts our culture’s deepest values and desires. Often I find the most powerful “apologetic” is the simple elaboration of core Christian beliefs as they connect with the questions of our times.


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