Just Thinking 26.2 | Table of Contents

Posted by Danielle DuRant on February 23, 2018
Topic: Just Thinking Magazine

A teaching resource of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Just Thinking Magazine exists to engender thoughtful engagement with apologetics, Scripture, and the whole of life. Read articles from the latest issue (26.2) below, click here to view or download the full magazine, or click here to download the magazine app on iTunes for iPads.

Danielle DuRant, Editor

A Helpful Guide

Jill Carattini looks at John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, an enduring story of the Christian journey and the role of hope.

The Face of Darkness

Stuart McAllister reflects on crossing the border in Communist-ruled Czechoslovakia and the circumstances that caused him to wonder where God was leading him.

You Are With Me

Nathan Betts describes how a conversation with his frightened young son prompted him to consider how he might respond in a situation that did not lead where he expected.

All Things New

A detour through Death Valley that began as an exciting adventure soon lost its allure, says Jo Vitale, when she and her husband reached an unexpected dead-end.

Upon Arrival

Musing on John Bunyan’s The Piligrim’s Progress, Ravi Zacharias implores us to hold fast to God’s guidance on our own journey.

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