Vince Vitale to Speak in Las Vegas on Science and Faith July 29

Posted by Ruth Malhotra on July 28, 2018

RZIM’s Vince Vitale, Director of the Zacharias Institute and co-author with Ravi Zacharias of Jesus Among Secular Gods, will speak in Las Vegas on the topic of “Science and Faith” this Sunday, July 29, at 6:00 p.m. (MST) at Calvary Chapel Las VegasThe gathering will be live-streamed.

“I’ll be addressing the question, ‘Has Science Buried God?’ and I’ll be claiming not only that science does not disprove God but that, actually, only God proves science; only God accounts for the design and regularity of the universe that underlies the entire scientific enterprise,” explained Vitale. “The Bible refers to two things as God’s poiema—his poem: the natural world and people created in the image of God. My hope is that, as people come to see the universe not as random and arbitrary but as intended and poetic, their hearts will also be opened to see themselves as God’s poem—carefully crafted by him and graciously called into relationship with him.”

Members of the RZIM team have visited Las Vegas several times over the past few years, including on February 18 this year when Abdu Murray addressed the question of suffering in the aftermath of the tragic mass shooting that rocked the city.  

“I have been looking forward to this chance to serve alongside Calvary Chapel Las Vegas, a church that has been a great friend to RZIM and that shares our commitment to inviting the critical questions of our culture and responding to them with truth and love. I admire the work Calvary Chapel is doing in a very difficult context,” said Vitale.

“‘Sin City’ is hardly a nickname to brag about, but perhaps embedded beneath this nickname is an acknowledgment of sin. That is an essential first step on the journey of faith, and one that no longer can be assumed. The question is then whether one will revel in their sin or repent of it. Reveling in sin leads to destruction, but repentance of sin without a solution for sin is futile and leads only to despair. Jesus alone solves this dilemma of death with his own death; he alone offers hope and life. My prayer today is that many would recognize Jesus for who he is and what he has done and put their full and unconditional trust in him.”

You can watch Vince Vitale speak on the question “Has Science Buried God?” at 6:00pm MST (9:00pm EST)