Open Doors Around the World

Posted by Ravi Zacharias on October 3, 2018

It has been a phenomenal stretch, and we have seen the Lord bless everywhere we go. The last trip was very inspiring, especially as I visited the city of Kathmandu in Nepal and spoke to a packed auditorium of men, women, and a significant number of young people. It is amazing to me how influential the books and media have been and how they have been used by God to expand this work. What I hear most often is that this RZIM team has touched families all over the world. This was a first for me to be in Nepal and enjoy their hospitality. Unfortunately, because it was the monsoon season, we couldn’t get a clear view of Everest and will have to save that for another day. Also included in this trip were two other exciting venues—one was in Kerala, the home state of my father, where a large auditorium was filled to capacity and where I had the privilege of teaming up with one of my Indian colleagues. The response was heartwarming. I hope to return to India towards the end of the year. I will keep you informed of the locations.

Finally, we had a stop in a beautiful country, the country of Sri Lanka. It’s known for its tea and for its love of cricket. But the city of Colombo boasts a lot more than that. The cuisine was exquisite, the hospitality to match the best, and the response of the people to the messages truly encouraging. We held three days of executive seminars, and then I did an open forum with business and political leadership. What a delight to be a part of such an effort! Our board chair in India, Shanthi Thomas, did a fantastic job to put it all together. We are blessed by outstanding boards and teammates in every continent, and their love and encouragement of our work cannot be gainsaid. I thank the Lord for them.

The Lord continues to open doors for leadership in several countries including here on the home front. Not all of our meetings can we make public, but let me assure you that some of them are of great importance in the lives of people playing a vital role in elected offices. We take these privileges with great respect and much prayer. We simply cannot lean on our own wisdom. The times are not the best globally, but there are opportune moments. Sometimes we are invited to what are considered “closed countries,” and we ourselves are surprised at the invitations.

But we think about the invitation seriously and seek the Lord’s guidance. So what I ask is for your earnest prayers and your support; without you none of this would be possible. One last thing. I am in the midst of writing and have three books on the back burner right now. Actually one has just been completed, another is halfway there, and the third is more in the concept stage.

So the writing part of the ministry for many of our team is going very well. The books are doing very well in sales, and that tells us that people are longing to get the subject matter addressed. Even as the books do well and the invitations to speak increase, the team is experiencing the greatest growth in the last two years. We now have over 80 speakers spread across several countries who are witnessing great response. The younger speakers are doing a fantastic job.

Thank you for your support. We cannot thank you enough. Even as the challenges grow, so has your support and encouragement. So we ask you to please continue to do your part and help us run this race to the best of our ability. The launch of the Zacharias Institute, led by Vince and Jo Vitale, has been a thrill to watch. Year-round programs are being led and lives are being changed. If you could be here and listen to the testimonies of the young and the impact of RZIM upon them, you would be so blessed. We have only just begun. Margie, the children, and the family are doing well. The grandchildren are an absolute delight, making these years some of the best. God bless you, dear friends.


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