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  • The Christian Debate over Sexual Identity: Interview with Sam Allberry

    Sam Allberry discusses sexuality and identity today on Desiring God's "Ask Pastor John" podcast. Click here to listen to the episode or read the transcript.

    - Sam Allberry   |   - July 13, 2018

  • Stirring Stories From Jos, Nigeria

    Many of the Christian leaders we ministered to asked for prayer, as they struggled with the reality of enduring brutal opposition to the gospel with little support and protection. Their primary prayer request? That the Lord may fill their lives with love for those who were seeking to end theirs.

    - Michael Ramsden   |   - July 10, 2018

  • Amy Orr-Ewing Speaks to Ireland’s Youth at Summer Madness Festival

    At the recent Summer Madness youth festival, Amy Orr-Ewing encouraged thousands of teenagers from across Ireland to be like Daniel and stand for truth. Watch this YouTube video for highlights from the festival.

    - Amy Orr-Ewing   |   - July 6, 2018

  • An Independence Day Greeting From Abroad

    Happy Independence Day to all in the beautiful “Land of the Free” and the “Home of the Brave.” True freedom....

    - Ravi Zacharias   |   - July 4, 2018

  • Come Alongside Future Evangelists

    The Oxford Centre of Christian Apologetics seeks to launch emerging Christian leaders into effective evangelism marked by academic excellence and integrity of character. The program attracts gifted evangelists from around the world who are taught, trained, and discipled to take the gospel to their national, local, and vocational contexts. Will you come alongside these future evangelists by helping them with much-needed scholarships?

    - Bethan Mingle   |   - June 25, 2018

  • A Father’s Impact

    For the men who are fathers and who love their daughters well, thank you. You are impacting her life more than you may ever know. And for those who have been absent or busy, it is not too late to stop and pursue your children. Make them your top priority. Your greatest ministry and calling will be to invest in them. Do it well.

    - Rachel Davis Ho   |   - June 17, 2018

  • What Kind of Father and Friend Will You Be?

    Those with great dads and those without have one thing in common. Whether our dads were flakes and frauds, or faithful and funny, we can’t change or dwell in the past; we must pivot to the future.

    - Nathan Rittenhouse   |   - June 15, 2018

  • A Memorial Day Reflection

    On Memorial Day, we remember those who died serving their country and recall that while all gave some, some gave....

    - Karl "KJ" Johnson   |   - May 28, 2018

  • A Royal Wedding, Just Like Mine

    Amazing “Similarities” Well, the world has another princess and millions watched as Harry wed Meghan and tied the royal knot.....

    - Ravi Zacharias   |   - May 20, 2018

  • God’s Heart Revealed in a Mother: A Mother’s Day Reflection

    Some time ago our little grandson Jude was running around the house at high speed, accompanied by some high decibel....

    - Ravi Zacharias   |   - May 11, 2018

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