Sam Raju


Sam Raju is a Speaker and Trainer with RZIM Life Focus Society. Sam holds a master’s degree in psychology with Highest Honors from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. Following his degree there, he enrolled for pre-doctoral studies in Rehabilitation Psychology with the hopes of pursuing a doctorate in Neuropsychology. However, his growing interest in apologetics led him to secure a master’s in philosophy with Honors at Biola University.

In 2014, he had a bout with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. Although the ensuing months were tough, Sam survived. Through the crucibles of life he grew in faith and gained a deeper understanding on God’s love, ways, and purposes.

Sam has spoken in several settings on a wide range of topics such as: Does God Exist?, The Problem of Evil, Has Science Buried God?, Enduring Faith in the Midst of Personal Suffering, The Discipline of Prayer, Meaning in a Meaningless World, Essential Qualities of a Leader, Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? He is also a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

Sam and his wife, Amy, make their home in Gurgaon, India.