Michelle Tepper


Michelle Tepper is an Itinerant Speaker for RZIM and Chaplain at the Zacharias Institute.

Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Stetson University and studied theology at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) where she was part of its first graduating class. Prior to joining RZIM, Michelle was the University Chaplain for St. Aldate’s Church in Oxford, England, for six years.

She teaches worldwide on a number of subjects including suffering, God’s character, sharing the gospel with youth, questions churches face, and sex and relationships.

Michelle has been a part of RZIM since 2011, working first as a speaker with RZIM Europe and as a guest lecturer at the OCCA. Now a member of the US speaking and writing team, she also is actively involved in RZIM’s growing presence in Latin America where she helps run university mission weeks and train evangelists.

Michelle lives in Central Florida with her husband, Peter, and daughter, Sophia. She is an avid runner and espresso aficionado. When she is not traveling, she ministers in her local church where her husband is a pastor.


Michelle speaks on a variety of topics including:

Where is God in Suffering?

Christianity and Women

Love, Sex, and Relationships

How Could You Believe in Miracles in The 21st Century?

How Could There Be Only One Way To God?

Is Christianity Arrogant and Exclusive?

God of Love or God of Justice: Do We Have to Choose?

Is Fearless Faith Irrational and Dangerous?

Is the Christian Faith Unreasonable?

The Reality of The Resurrection

Can We Trust the Bible?

Evidence for the Existence of God

Why Would God Send His Son to Die?

How Does the Cross Prove Love?

Everyday Apologetic Conversations

Breaking the Silence on Faith and Other Hard Topics in Everyday Life

Sharing the Gospel with Your Kids/Youth

What Is the Question Behind the Question?

Help My Unbelief

The Trinity