Louis (Lou) Phillips


Louis (Lou) Phillips is a full-time OCCA Fellow based in the greater New England area. He grew up outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his parents and five older siblings. Lou attended Grove City College and was graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree double majoring in Molecular Biology and Political Science. Lou interned for the Heritage Foundation at their Center for Health Policy Studies and then became the Health Policy Legislative Correspondent for Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. While in Washington, Lou felt the call of God elsewhere in his life and joined an evangelistic outreach called Silver Ring Thing (SRT). For three years, Lou traveled with this ministry all across the United States putting on concert-style events talking to teens about love, sex, and life. Through this evangelistic experience, he developed a passion for apologetics.

Lou received his Certificate of Theological Studies from Oxford University (Wycliffe Hall) and was trained at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) where he was involved in many evangelistic events and outreaches.

Coming from a large family, Lou loves to hang out with his siblings and their spouses, as well as spend time with his ever-growing number of nieces and nephews. In his spare time Lou likes to stay active and do anything outdoors.


Talk Titles:

Can God live in a scientific age?

Is there more to life than this?

Suffering and a God of Love

Why does God care who I sleep with?

Identity: Who am I…really?

Connecting in a time of disconnect

Jesus: Not simply a historical character

Evidence for the resurrection

If Christ is so good, why is the church so bad?

How can you say there is only one truth?

How can I trust an old book full of sexism, bigotry and hate?