Gerson Mercadal


Gerson Mercadal is an OCCA Fellow based in Spain with Fundación RZ, RZIM’s regional office in Spain. Gerson holds a degree in building engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and certificates in Christian apologetics and theological studies from the Oxford Centre of Christian Apologetics and Wycliffe Hall (University of Oxford).

Originally from the Spanish island of Menorca, Gerson has spent three years in the UK: first as a volunteer with UCCF in Canterbury, then as a student at Oxford, and finally as a student worker with Trinity Church Oxford, discipling and preaching as part of the leadership team. Gerson combines his role as an OCCA Fellow with his job with GBU, the Spanish IFES movement, as a local part-time staff-worker in Madrid, where he now lives with his wife, Hannah. On many occasions like mission weeks, both roles naturally coexist and intertwine.The goal continues to be to make Jesus truly known and to break down intellectual and emotional barriers to the biblical gospel. Gerson is passionate about reaching both the highly secular anti-theists in Spain and the nominally Christian who have not yet embraced the freedom and truth of the message of Jesus.