Cameron McAllister


Cameron McAllister is an Itinerant Speaker at RZIM. He is the host of the Vital Signs podcast, a weekly podcast exploring signs of life in today’s culture, and the co-host (with Nathan Rittenhouse) of Thinking Out Loud, a podcast that considers current events and Christian hope. Cameron is also a staff writer with Christ and Pop Culture, where he explores the intersection of Christianity and popular culture. His film and television reviews have appeared in Christianity Today and Think Christian. He holds a degree in Philosophy and Religion from Toccoa Falls College and an MA in Cultural Apologetics from Houston Baptist University.

Cameron was born on the mission field in Vienna, Austria. He moved to the States with his family in 1998 when his father, Stuart McAllister, began working with RZIM. Cameron and his wife, Heather, currently reside in Georgia.

Articles / Broadcasts

  • Searching for the Hidden Wholeness

    The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus—a group in the “sacred music” category—released an album in 2015 to widespread....

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  • New Podcast: Thinking Out Loud

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Thinking Out Loud About Current Events and Christian Hope Let me tell you about a new podcast that I’m starting....

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  • The Bright Fallen World Above

    A New York Times column posed the question “Do moralists make bad novelists?" Two novelists, Alison Gregory and Pankaj....

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  • Advent and the Hopeful Realist

    In a recent story on the wildfires that ravaged the Southern California landscape, the reporter Thomas Curwen wrote, “In....

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  • The Power of the Christian Life Part 2: Obedience to Christ

    As our culture moves further away from all Christian influence, many of us are forgetting what it actually means....

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