Big Deal Questions

Posted by Logan Gates on May 19, 2016
Topic: Apologetics Training

Topic: Big Deal Questions

This April, over two hundred high school students came out to find answers to their “Big Deal Questions” about life and God at RZIM Canada’s youth conference in Toronto. With talks on everything from “So many religions! Why choose one?” to “Being human in a tech-crazy world,” students were engaged with the person of Jesus in relevant and compelling ways, at both the level of the mind and the heart.

Topic-driven “chat rooms” had students talking through big issues with one another, and throughout the day students could text in their questions and get live answers from the RZIM team. As one of this year’s speakers, I was amazed with the depth (and quantity) of questions asked and with how seriously students were grappling with the reasons for their faith and what it looks like to follow Jesus where they are.

As a team, we had the joy of praying with several students at the end of the day to begin or recommit to a relationship with God, in addition to hearing from many others how they felt encouraged in their own faith and felt better equipped to share with friends and classmates about Jesus and his compelling invitation to begin a life with him. Praise God for Big Deal Questions!