Cameron McAllister


Cameron McAllister is an Itinerant Speaker at RZIM. He earned a degree in Philosophy and Religion from Toccoa Falls College and is currently pursuing a master’s in cultural apologetics from Houston Baptist University. Firmly committed to the integration of reason and the imagination in his apologetic approach, Cameron is the host of the Vital Signs podcast, a weekly podcast examining signs of life in today’s culture. A great admirer of the work and ministry of Dallas Willard, Cameron is also deeply committed to the integration of apologetics and Christian discipleship.

 Cameron was born on the mission field in Vienna, Austria. He moved to the States with his family in 1998 when his father, Stuart McAllister, began working with RZIM. Cameron and his wife, Heather, currently reside in Georgia.

Articles / Broadcasts

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  • The Challenge of Atticus Finch

    Few challenges are as great for novelists as crafting a believably good character. Our native preoccupation with darkness often....

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  • Why Can’t Skeptics Hear My Arguments?  

    Though we often note the radical disparity between secularism and Christianity, that doesn’t stop many of us from tacitly....

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